Monday, August 4, 2014

Basketball and Baby!

This installment of Jace and Lexa's Place focuses on basketball and a baby! Baby Cooper is here! See below for more!
He literally never tires of basketball.

See. Even finds a way to play at the pool!

Business in the front, party in the back.

Looks a little more appropriate on Bean!

In Omaha AT WHEATFIELDS (Mommy's heaven on Earth) waiting for baby Cooper to come!

Dream boat giving Aunt Erin a massage to help her relax before labor.

It's time! Last picture as a family of 3!

Slushes from Sonic while Aunt Erin labors at the hospital.

Walking in to check on Aunt Erin.

Cooper is here! Born overnight AGAIN. Well not him again. This was his first time being born. But another overnight labor for Aunt Erin. Luckily this one went smoothly and much quicker!

Some of you may know what this picture is of. And those of you who don't...please ask. Mommy loves to share!

Keegan loves hanging with Aunt Cari. And Grandma. They feed him yummy stuff while Mommy and Daddy are away.

And take pictures of his giant boogers!

Going to meet Baby Cooper for the first time. Lexa opted out of this picture.....

Holding his brother for the first time.


Another AWWWW. Jace was in love.

Greeting Cooper as he arrives home.

Keegan after he witnessed Cooper's first feeding!

Beaner and Cooper!

Back from Omaha and bad to the bone. Or something.

New do. Inspired by the Miami Heat's Chris Andersen. See, always basketball.

The End!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer update!

Summer rolls on with fun all around. Check it out!
A trip to see Grandma and Grandpa always includes plenty of food!

He did it!

Playing in the pond at the farm.

What could that be? More food? Tacos and cheeseballs....the lunch of champions.

Chocolate pie....more Mommy's style.

Jace and Tate going head to head on the court.

Run or Dye....before the race.

And after!

For some reason these are out of place but a few shots of  the kids at the local fair.

Jace and Tate at the Demolition Derby.

Helping Grandma make...something edible. Imagine that!

More post race pictures!

The whole group!

Lexa and Ashlan!

Beach girl.
Or public pool. Whatever is convenient.

Jacer. With a little Kay photo bomb.

Little Missy and her piggys.

Doesn't everyone ride a bike in red cowboy boots?

And force their dog to wear a crown while he chews his bone?

And put on thermal footed pajamas in July. And then proceed to do this when Mommy questions it?

You get the idea.

That's all for now! Everyone is ready for a quick dash to Omaha if Erin would ever have this baby! Check back soon!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Riding a bike!

For those that don't know, this has been a BIG challenge lately. And he conquered it!

Best day of his life he says!

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Fun Never Ends!

Summer rolls on with lots of fun in the sun!

Oh my. No more words for this little girl.

Balloon animals at Sturgis!

Check out those faces!

Doing a little shopping of their own.

Mommy ran a half marathon!


Lexa has decided she has the baseball bug too. Hence the pink glove and baseball hat. This was during a practice session with Mommy!

At the Bucks baseball game. Lexa actually found a boyfriend there. He sat next to her during the fireworks post game and Mommy heard him lean over and say, I love you. Sigh.

Future MLB players!

Jace had his half birthday! Mommy has created a monster with this half birthday thing so she had to follow through. She made Jace cupcakes....and then gave  him only half. Yes, she realizes she is hilarious.

Oh my. Again. For the boy this time.

Lexa put this on to go to McDonalds. She says, look I'm dressed all in red. Well, except my dress and hair.

Yes, just the boots were red. The red boots. Again.

Beach babes.

Heading out to a little lake fun!

Awww. Jace.

These are some brave kids.....

Silly kids!

Jace told Mommy he was going to change into the clothes he brought for after swimming. She paid no attention until she turned around and saw him dressed like this......

The End!